Soy-saucy veggies

Used chunks of green, red & yellow capsicum, mushroom,onions and baby corn. I used tofu chunks.Stir fry in olive oil..with a lil salt. 

Remove..same pan..heat a little sesame oil..add a cap of soya sauce and then corn flour paste..water..simmer..add the veggies.. amazing flavor.😍😍


Lil brinjals in gram flour, peanuts & sesame seeds haven😍😍

So am trying to be ‘time’ disciplined.

Here’s a first of a 30 day tiffin series.

Slit the ravaiyyas, slice potatoes. Marinate in dry masala..jaldi, mirchi. Dhaniya powder & salt.

Grind a few peanuts, sesame seeds & gram flour.

Heat oil, hing, chopped onions-fry, garlic ginger minced-fry, then the peanut mixture ..fry longer…

Add the brinjals & potatoes.l little water..cover & cook.

Then tiffin it😍😍