Drumsticks and tomatoes with coarse chopped coriander 

I suck at garnishing and fancy names..but one must feed ones minion. That’s not a soft toy its a minion (who is happy)

Boil Drumsticks with salt n jaldi. Heat oil, add hing, mustard seeds, chopped tomatoes, mirchi and dhaniya pwd..stir fry..add chopped potatoes..and Drumsticks…then lots of chopped coriander leaves.. garnish ..

Cook till.done..


Eggs with lots of weekend oil and chopped onions n tomatoes..laced with more oil😂😂

Mix a little besan,  mirchi, dhaniya and haldi with a lil water..I added tulsi leaves and lemon grass to this. Heat lots of oil.. chopped onions.. coarsely  chopped ginger garlic green chillies..fry. add this masala and tomatoes chopped..stir fry. Add chopped eggs..

Weekend pe go generous on oil he he