Chicken liver on black tawa with charr of tawa


Marinate liver in lemon juice, salt and mince long as you wish. Heat tawa piping hot..throw two slit green chillies..liver..a lil red chilli powder..bas fry…😍😍


Prawns in moms awesome handsπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

As dictated..
One onion small grind..keep aside
Gring coconut..garlic.. ginger ..coriander pwd..2-3 each pepper corn.. cloves.. cinnamon..turmeric chill pwd..
Grind 3-4 tomatoesΒ 
Heat oil..curry leaves..lots..the onion paste..goldenish..ground coconut paste..then 10 mins later..puree..
Then prawns…stir fry.m


Garlicky springoninony prawn wheat noodles


Ooops I suck at good 5 star names & pics…yaayi
Heat oil..stir in lots of garlic.. minced..then lots of greens of spring onions..white pepper powder…stir fry..add shrimps/prawns..(do not touch prawns at this phase cause then there’ll only be noodles to gobbling up ya)
Stir fry..
Then stir in the cooked wheat noodles..
Bas..take nirvana aur kya😍😍😋😋

Olive embedded half fry ;) ;):D


Am going to do these mock fancy names ..inspired by fiveexhorbitantstars😤😤
I burnt sliced black olives with burnt garlic. Then break an egg on slooow the burnt olive slices..salt pepper paprika have added cheese but didn’t feel like..
Good half fry this..says the Queen of half fries..he he
The embedded olive IS a beaut!!:D:D:D:D

Plain Jane Egg Sandwich


A little bit of lettuce on your side..maybe soaked in vinegar n salt a while..a little bit of slice tomatoes(excuse English grammar n usage)..boiled eggs..salt..pepper..brown bread..
Assemble..that’s it..tasty one this..
(I dont like the song..mambo no.5..decided midway..I don’t););)

Crab Masala-Dry


I love how crabs turn blue to orange moment you cook them..Crabs are always for my father..

This I learnt on my own. Grind coconut, lots of curry leaves, a few saunf/variyali, garlic, ginger, haldi, mirchi, dhaniya, salt, peppercorns, one clove, near negligible cinnamon he he he..dry red chillies. Heat oil..stir in this masala & crabs. Cover cook for a bit..then stir fry of sorts..(OMG i must not write recipes πŸ˜› words haaa!!)

Dig in.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚