Spring Onion & Cheese Parantha

spring onion cheese

Spring Onion & Cheese Paranthas:
Chop a few spring onion greens, add a little bit of salt, red chilli powder and add some grated cheese. On a dusted board or surface make a small disc from a medium sized ball of the dough (simple kneaded wheat flour) and spread some oil on it. Place the mixture onto this, fold into square or make a ball out of it. Roll this out carefully. Heat an iron kadhai- more than making the paranthas on a girdle—this will give it a certain deeper hollow circle where when one breaks the parantha to eat—it does pure justice to the filling . So heat ghee/oil and fry these rolled out paranthas on each side till done in as less oil/ghee as you wish—it will be tastier anyhow.


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