Appams-Kerala Recipe



Kerala Appams.
A successful first attempt!
Grab a ready-to-use packet of appam-batter [dry mix], easily available in the market. In a large bowl, prepare the batter, as per instructions on the packet [you could use normal milk, in case coconut milk is unavailable], keep aside.

Heat an aluminium or Non-stick appam pan/kadhai [they’re small in size, with a lot of depth].. or go for a medium/small Non-stick kadhai. Heat it just enough, not over-heated though. In a non-stick kadhai, you wouldn’t need oil, but take care to swirl just a few drops of oil on other types of kadhais.
Take a large ladleful of the batter and pour it in the middle of the kadhai and quickly swirl the kadhai around, so that some of the batter sticks to the sides and the rest collects in the middle of the kadhai.. cover for half a minute to one minute, depending on how much the batter in the centre takes time to cook. Once done, it’ll come off easily. Serve with south Indian coconut chutney, Sambhar or a stew of your choice.


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